What We Manage

It makes no difference what type of property you own; your goals are the same. You want to engage the services of a property management company to keep your property fully occupied with dependable tenants and to maximize your investment. Modern Property Groups understands today’s owner and has developed a company based on systematic processes to effectively manage any property you have.

What We Manage - Single Family Homes

Becoming a landlord is not something everyone plans for. Perhaps your Columbia home is not selling like you and your real estate agent thought, maybe you have to relocate for a career opportunity, or just inherited a new property. Maybe you’re new to the market and you’ve just bought your first rental property and need to get your property rented. Whatever your situation…Modern Property Groups has been there and handled it.

Should I manage my own property?

Managing your own property is an undertaking most owners underestimate. If you’re contemplating handling it yourself, consider the following features offered by Modern Property Groups specifically designed for owners like yourself.

Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising – For each day your property sits empty, that’s money you’re missing out on. Property management costs are easily offset by shorter vacancy times. Modern Property Groups has the ability to market your property 24/7 as well as the talented staff who can open a door for a prospective renter at any time of the day.

Extensive Credit, Income, and Criminal Screening – Placing the wrong tenant can get expensive quick. Modern Property Groups has a set of tenant screening guidelines, including, criminal & credit background checks on everyone in the home over age 18. We want tenants who will pay on time and take care of your property.

Maintenance Coordination – You will have access to our in-house maintenance team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Maintenance is a necessary evil in property management, and ignoring maintenance issues can lead to costly repairs and unhappy tenants, both will cost you money.

Online Reporting – With our web-based property management software we are able to keeps you updated on all property activity, including vacancies, lease expirations, maintenance expenses & issues, and financial reports.

Routine Inspections – Twice a year, Modern Property Groups will inspect both the interior and exterior of your property to ensure that your home is being well taken care of and unreported problems exist.

Rent Collection – Modern Property Groups has a designated Billing & Collections department. We have full-time staff dedicated to ensuring that rent is paid on time.

Complete Eviction and Possession Services – You never mean for it to happen, but sometimes a tenant has to be evicted. With the Modern Property Groups rent collection system in place, tenants are made aware of the potential of eviction from the beginning. If rent is not received in a timely fashion, we work swiftly with local counsel during the eviction process.

What We Manage - Multiple Property Portfolios

Congratulations! You’ve reached the point where your real estate portfolio is growing, yet your stress level and time commitments are probably growing right beside it. Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate the stress and bring all of your property under one roof to be professionally managed?

With Modern Property Groups systematic and effective management style, we can effectively manage your properties while providing you cost savings and freedom. When property management is done in an efficient manner, the savings to you covers the cost of management.

Online Reporting – Our fully transparent, web-based property management software keeps you updated on all aspects of your property. You will receive monthly reports pertaining to vacancies, leases expirations, maintenance charges, and full financial data.

Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising – Time is Money! Let the power of Columbia’s largest property management company work for you and fill your vacancies faster.

Extensive Credit, Income, and Criminal Screening – A bad tenant will not only cost you money from lost rent, they are likely to treat your property poorly. Our extensive tenant screening guidelines were designed to minimize the risk of choosing the wrong person to rent your property.

Routine Inspections – We inspect all the properties we manage in the spring and fall both inside and out to assess condition and ensure the tenants are taking care of the property. We also identify maintenance issues that can become costly if not corrected in a timely fashion.

Rent Collections –Our collection processes are professional but tough, and we diligently collect your rent in a systematic, timely process.

Maintenance Coordination – Maintenance is unavoidable in property management, and we keep costs down through our in-house 24/7 professional maintenance staff.

Complete Eviction and Possession Services – When rents are not paid and our billing and collections department cannot get the tenant to cooperate, we initiate legal steps quickly and work with local counsel to get the bad tenant out and keep costs down.

What We Manage - Multi-family Units

If you own duplexes or apartment buildings, Modern Property Groups knows why……positive cash flow! You purchased these properties to make money and keep them rented.

Modern Property Groups knows that multi-family properties can get complicated.

If these properties are not handled in a systematic efficient manner, the expenses can get out of hand. Our business model was designed to help owners just like you. Under the Modern Property Groups umbrella, you have access to a full-time leasing dept, billing & collections, and 24/7 maintenance. Our corporate structure combined with technology will meet your expectations.