Property Management

Many investors turn to residential rental property for passive income and a way to build equity in the real estate market.

Many soon realize that the challenges of managing, marketing, and maintaining their properties are more difficult than they anticipated.

When problems arise, these property owners may lack the experience and time to handle problems in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Can you answer “YES” to one or more of the following challenges of rental property ownership?

● I have maintenance calls at inconvenient times
● I am uncertain of the current rental market pricing
● I feel it’s taking me too long to properly evaluate and qualify a tenant
● I feel I’m being charged too much for maintenance
● I would like to own more rental properties, but I’m concerned about how to manage them
● Marketing costs and newspaper ads are cost prohibitive

We understand your challenges and can help you achieve your goals while freeing you up to pursue other interests. Modern Property Groups was created to take the hassle out of owning investment properties by providing our clients with a unique one-stop source for preparing, managing, renting, and maintaining rental units.

Call us today for a no obligation meeting to discuss your challenges and how we can help, whether you have one or multiple units.

Please take the time to tour the site and call us with your questions, concerns or simply to see if we can match your needs. We are happy to talk with you. You can email us at [email protected]

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