Our Technology

It is our desire as professional property managers to make your investment as profitable as possible and to protect your pride of ownership.

We have invested in a web-based Property Management and Accounting software so our experienced team can manage your properties with the highest level of service. Our software not only provides great benefits to our office but we are also able to share many of these benefits with you:

  • We save time and paper by using email to send monthly owner statements. The statements are organized in a concise and easy to read format that details the performance of your property for the previous month. We also post these monthly statements and make them accessible through the secure Owners Portal on our website.
  • We process and respond to maintenance requests more quickly. We can quickly resolve issues by accessing vendor information and using electronic work orders for more efficient communication. All records are stored for future access.
  • We pay you even faster every month. Deposits can go directly into your bank account using electronic funds transfer.
  • Residents can avoid sending rent checks by paying their rent online. We avoid the time and expense of managing rent checks each month by creating a great value-add service for residents while completely integrating this with our accounting records.
  • Modern Property Groups can easily market properties and fill vacancies faster.
  • We can quickly view info on available and soon-to-be available units and track the progress. We use one-click to post and unpost to the entire Internet and our website so our vacancy listings are always up to date. We can easily track guest cards, rental applications and the effectiveness of our marketing efforts so we can continue to improve our marketing presence.
  • We can fill vacancies faster and easier with Modern Property Groups Web Marketing Integration. Eye-catching vacancy advertisements are posted to Craigslist, the #1 rental listing website, our website, and to dozens of other sites on the internet. Prospects can fill out an application accessible through our online posting, giving us the competitive edge.
  • Prospective residents can apply online with the click of a button. Online applications are integrated with all vacancy postings and all of the data is automatically entered into our system. This means we avoid paper applications, saving lots of time and ultimately filling vacancies more quickly.
  • Built in Resident Screening is centralized saving us even more time and helping to attract better residents. Applicants can easily be screened and results are returned within seconds, rather than hours. Our new easy-to-read Screening Report allows us the unique opportunity to choose the most qualified resident for your property.
  • We respond more quickly and offer excellent service to both owners and residents. At any time and from anywhere, we are able to securely access data about all properties. Sensitive records are safely stored in a state-of-art data center which is automatically and routinely backed up.